July 17, 2015 / by Lorin Eleni Gill / Pacific Business News

Hawaii is launching an industry that will capitalize on a product that has been legal for 15 years, but relatively inaccessible to its consumers.

This week, Gov.¬†David Ige¬†signed into law legislation outlining the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary system. Once the details are worked out by state officials, eight entities will hold licenses to open such dispensaries next July. Gross sales could soar during the first couple of years of the system’s implementation, from zero to millions.

The state Department of Health is now finalizing rules and regulations for the application procedure, and applicants are busy preparing their networks and infrastructure to submit their forms in January.

PBN investigated what it will take to become one of the eight licensees to be announced in April and the benefits and risks the applicants face. We also took a shot at estimating the potential size of the industry.

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